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Fisherman's Wharf snacks Newworkshop main production North South flavor snacks. Products are: Nanxiang steamed buns, steamed buns / fried dumpling, wonton and dumplings, dumpling, glutinous rice chicken, barbecued pork bun / sweet package, green onion pancake / red bean paste pancake, spring rolls, turnip cake and all kinds of pastries, etc.. Product by the experienced dessert teacher crafted, in Vancouver local handmade production. Excellent materials and workmanship. Frozen food of fisherman's Wharf in PriceSmart Jialian supermarket stores, integrity supermarket Richmond store and Kingsway stores, Changli market 22nd Street shop and 48th Street shop, and fisherman's Wharf snack studio stores have sales.Fisherman's Wharf snack snack accept customized service and workshop room service.

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Fisherman's Wharf brand of excellence, has a long history. Products using the ancient technology, carefully reduction traditional Chinese taste. And put a lot of money and research strength, use modern means of scientific research, and constantly develop new products, understanding of national conditions, meet the needs of different customers. Products are sold, and the United States, add, EU, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao many countries and regions.

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  • <!--:zh-->叉烧酥/蘿蔔絲酥餅<!--:--><!--:en-->Crisp Pork/Radish Pastry<!--:-->
    Crisp Pork/Radish Pastry
    Product Name:Crisp Pork Crisp crisp delicious, distinct, abnormal pine. Full fillings, is inviting....
  • <!--:zh-->南翔小籠包<!--:--><!--:en-->Nanxiang Steamed Buns<!--:-->
    Nanxiang Steamed Buns
    Product Name:Nanxiang Steamed Buns Small and exquisite, the shape of the pagoda. A sharp transparent,...
  • <!--:zh-->生煎包/鍋貼<!--:--><!--:en-->Shengjian Bao / Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings<!--:-->
    Shengjian Bao / Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings
    Product Name:Shengjian Bao / Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings Handmade, soft, concentrated juice, meat, thin skinned major...
  • <!--:zh-->雲吞/水餃<!--:--><!--:en-->Wonton / Boiled Dumplings<!--:-->
    Wonton / Boiled Dumplings
    Product Name:Wonton / Boiled Dumplings Hong Kong style fresh shrimp wonton, shrimp wonton, dumplings in...
  • <!--:zh-->燒賣<!--:--><!--:en-->Steamed Pork Dumplings<!--:-->
    Steamed Pork Dumplings
    Product Name:Steamed Pork Dumplings Thin filling large, shape if the cup bottom is round, waist,...
  • <!--:zh-->糯米鷄/腐皮卷<!--:--><!--:en-->Chicken Rice / Rot Skin Roll<!--:-->
    Chicken Rice / Rot Skin Roll
    Product Name:Chicken Rice / Rot Skin Roll Glutinous rice chicken entrances with lotus leaf fragrance,...
  • <!--:zh-->叉燒包/甜包<!--:--><!--:en-->Barbecued Pork/Sweet Bun<!--:-->
    Barbecued Pork/Sweet Bun
    Product Name:Barbecued Pork Bun And Sweet Bun Steamed products. The pork FeiShou moderate for depression,...
  • <!--:zh-->蔥油餅/豆沙鍋餅<!--:--><!--:en-->Scallion Cake/Bean Casserole Pie<!--:-->
    Scallion Cake/Bean Casserole Pie
    Product Name:Scallion Cake/Bean Casserole Pie In crisp outside soft, delicious onion flavor, rosin, Dousha Guobing,...
  • <!--:zh-->春捲<!--:--><!--:en-->Spring Roll<!--:-->
    Spring Roll
    Product Name:Spring Roll Including two kinds of breviscapine spring rolls and piece leather duck spring...